Hello! Today marks the opening of the WebNova.Net affordable websites service. And I'm really tickled, because ...

In my professional work with CopyDragon webwriters, many clients have the resources to get my very best custom-project design, to catapult them to the top of Google results, build larger and fast-growing email lists, and increase sales most beautifully.

And sometimes I work with a client, whose investment resources are more modest, and we break the projects down into smaller "chunks," and simply work through them, one part at a time.

But time and time again I find small businesses, struggling just as I once did, up to the belt-buckle in the alligators of daily operations, and they know they need to establish a foothold on the internet ... but, given their severely limited budget and time ... how?

My first attempt to help was to write a book, "Marketing Online, Clear and Simple," which explains the easy-to-understand Three-Step Marketing Formula. This book is available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions, and comes with a free set of detailed how-to videos showing the whole process click by click.

But finally, I thought of another way, and that is the WebNova.Net affordable websites service. Because the important thing is to get started. The important thing is to at least BE THERE on the internet. So I found a way to give a simple website of professional quality, affordable and quick, to anyone.

Welcome to WebNova.Net -- the Affordable Websites.

-- Arthur Cronos